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15 Over-the-Top Sorority Houses

15 Over-the-Top Sorority Houses

Sorority row never looked more grand and beautiful.

Beyond football and food, the most popular tradition in the South is joining a fraternity or sorority. Below the Mason-Dixon line, Greek life is a prominent part of the collegiate experience on Southern campuses to forge lifelong friendships, engage in positive community-building activities and, obviously, to throw the best parties. Since Southerners live by the motto, “the bigger, the better,” we thought we’d give you a peek inside the sorority houses whose exterior and interior adhere to that mantra. From breathtakingly beautiful chandeliers and structural columns to impressive baby grand pianos and eye-catching staircases, prepare to gasp in awe at the most envy-inducing and over-the-top sorority houses in the South that’ll make you want to rush ASAP.

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